Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Speaking at VCU on Project Risk Management

Last night I was a "guest lecturer" on Project Risk Management at the VCU School of Business.  I found the students to be interested and engaging.


  1. Risk management attempts to plan for and handle events that are uncertain in that they may or may actually occur. These are surprises. Some surprises are pleasant. We may plan an event for the public and it is so successful that twice as many people attend as we expected. A good turn-out is positive. However, if we have not planned for this possibility, we will not have resources available to meet the needs of these additional people in a timely manner and the positive can quickly turn into a negative.

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  3. It would be much cooler to if you post here some video of that event. At least transcription of your speech because we are totally blind here about what your speech was. However, I will be very pleased if I knew more about it. At least I can read review of paperial, while I waiting for you to update your post.