Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall Teaching Schedule

I am pretty busy this Fall with part-time teaching.  At Strayer University I am teaching BUS310 (HR Management) and CIS331 (System Modeling Theory).  At the PMI CVC Fall PMP Test Preparation Workshop I am teaching Frameworks.

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing - Preflighting AJAX Requests

A few months back I was ranting (I do that sometimes) about XSS and its negative affect on AJAX application development.  Just recently I read about the Cross Origin Resource Sharing standard from the W3C.  It is some pretty dry reading, but this Mozilla Developer Center article distills it into something usable.  From what I understand there is hope for AJAX as long as you are using a modern browser that supports "preflighting".  Of course you also need a server-side layer that filters these preflighted requests and returns the authorization to send the "real" AJAX request from the cross-domain web browser application.

Again this only works if your browser supports it, and we all know how notorious cross-browser support can be.  Case in point, we are still using IE6 at my day job.