Thursday, May 12, 2016

Jenkins Consul K/V Builder Plugin Released

Do you use HashiCorp’s Consul software for Service Discovery or Key/Value configuration management?  One of the core features of Consul is the ability to store Key/Value data, and allow applications to retrieve said data for configuration-lookup or service discovery needs.  And, as a Jenkins user, I routinely need to lookup configurations and set environment variables for build execution.  The Consul K/V Builder Plugin allows me to do just that.  With this plugin I can read, write, and delete Key/Value data from and to the Consul servers or clusters, even if local Access Control List (ACL) security is enabled in the Consul software.

The plugin is written in Java with the Jenkins Open Source plugin framework ( and libraries.  It is a Maven project, and the source is found here:

The plugin Wiki page is here:


  1. 2.0.4 version of this plugin is now released.

  2. Hi, Plugin looks great. Can it be used to iterate through a list of KVs in a tree and produce an EnvVar for each one?

  3. Thanks Jimmy Ray. This is great. would it be possible to write the consul tags using this plugin?
    For e.g:
    # Consul tags[0]=build=${}[1]=proxy=none

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