Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Social Networking and Innovation

Is the use of Social Networking tools considered innovation? In an article I wrote several years ago, I defined innovation as "managing the processes that lead to the introduction of new
ideas, methods, and technologies that provide business value". While I am not sure that using Social Networking tools is innovation, using these tools can be innovative and lead to new ideas. In other words it can lead to or at least help innovation along. In an article I read by Jeffrey Phillips on the Innovation Tools web site, he declares that Social Networking is not innovation. Again, while I agree with most of his points, I think that Social Networking used correctly, including filtering noise, is invaluable to innovative teams.

If any thing, Social Networking is emerging technology if you consider as I do that emerging technology is technology that is not currently in use by a business. It's not just leading or bleeding edge stuff.

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