Friday, May 20, 2011

Richmond Java Users Group (RJUG) Meeting - 05/18/11

Wednesday night I attended an RJUG meeting.  I am on the steering community for this group, but I don't usually have the time to attend regular meetings.  However, this meeting covered topics that I really agreed with.  As an Enterprise/Application Architect, I have over time shifted my thinking to simpler design:  simpler to accomplish, simpler to maintain, and simpler to understand.

The meeting was sponsored by Ironworks.  The topic was Blending Best of Breed Technologies and focused on integrating several Open Source tools and technologies:  Core Spring and Spring MVC, Groovy, FreeMarker, Liferay, and Alfresco CMS.  The presenter, Dennis Sharpe, did a great job presenting an overview of the individual technologies from a high level.  However, the presentation really shined when he demonstrated and communicated the integration techniques for these tools and how they were using them in production.  Of particular interest was how they used Groovy to shift certain highly dynamic code to the Freemarker templates stored in the Alfresco CMS.  I will not attempt to recreate the meeting in this entry.  If Ironworks makes the slides available later, I will post a link.

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