Friday, June 6, 2014

Speaking at RJUG on 2014-06-18 - Java PaaS and WildFly8 integration to CloudBees

Session Abstract: The CloudBees PaaS platform from a user perspective. Wildfly integration is done primarily as a clickstack ( which is open to the OSS community. This will be a demonstration of the PaaS platform and the Wildfly clickstack integration.
Presenter: Jimmy Ray, Director/Sr. Architect at AuthX.
Until recently, Jimmy Ray was a solutions architect with CloudBees, Inc., an industry leader in on-premise and cloud-based PaaS, CI, CD, and DevOps solutions. The majority of his 20+ years in IT has been spent developing software and architecting enterprise Java solutions. Ray is a leader in the Richmond, VA Java community, and has spoken at several Java user groups and other conferences in the US and Europe. He is passionate about Java PaaS, and DevOps underpinned by open source software. Ray is also an impassioned Java and MongoDB integrator and has spoken on related topics across the US He is considered a thought leader in agile software development, and has led organizations toward successfully realizing business value through agile development. 

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