Sunday, March 21, 2010

New ScrumMaster....

So, last weekend (3/13-3/14) I attended 2 days of ScrumMaster training in Richmond, VA with Lyssa Adkins and Catherine Louis. This was an AWESOME experience; quite honestly some of the best training I have ever experienced. The following Monday I logged in the Scrum Alliance and took the evaluation to become a CSM - Certified ScrumMaster. I am motivated to become more acquainted with Agile (and Scrum) in an effort to deliver value. I have much to learn, but I am determined to get there. So far, I have seen that the Agile community is eager to help.


  1. We usually don’t find a full time scrum master. Scrum master is described by scrum guide as one who teaches, facilitates and removes impediments. When the team is relatively new it takes time and the team follows scrum religiously. This is when the team needs a scrum master who can teach scrum full time. Follow SBOK guide of which is a best book to understand Agile Project Management.

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