Sunday, March 21, 2010

AgileCoachCamp 2010 NC - An Unconference

This weekend I attended the AgileCoachCamp 2010 in Durham, NC. It was free, I am completely new to this community, and there was no agenda. There was a call for "position papers" that were really just session abstracts. To the best of my knowledge there were no identified speakers before the conference started.

I think I might have been one of just a few Agile newbies at that OpenSpace (what was called an) unconference. I am new to the world of Agile, and I was surrounded not just by Agile practitioners, but in large part by Agile coaches, people coaching others in the best practices of going and using Agile. I first felt out of place, but the OpenSpace format was amazingly simple yet really effective. I joined sessions at the beginning, but later left when I was done providing and receiving value. The entire process seemed so organic in so much as everyone immediately understood it and used it for mutual advantage. The session marketplace concept was intuitive and allowed us to self-organize effectively.

This community of Agile Coaches is something that I plan to follow and participate in as much as I can.

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