Friday, March 26, 2010

XSS Restrictions - A barrier to UX and eloquent design

So, this is sort of a rant, but here goes. I am working on an E-Commerce punch-out application. For the uninitiated, punch-out is a form of E-commerce where by the user of a procurement system wants to shop for items found in a remote inventory management Internet site. The user initiates an action in their system that "punches-out" of their system and into a shopping experience hosted by the remote system. The user shops in the remote system and then returns their local system with the shopping cart contents, including pricing. Punch-out is based in large part of the CXML standard. It is CXML that is exchanged in these punch-out conversations between each system.

To test our new system, I wrote a small Java web app that uses AJAX to send and receive the CXML to the remote system. Since AJAX using JavaScript, I immediately ran into security issues with XSS (Cross-site-scripting). I know about XSS, but I initially ignored it because this test app is an Intranet only app running on my local Tomcat server. I was wrong to be so cavalier.

I am using IE8, and IE8 (along with other modern browsers) has seen fit to disable XSS by default. After all, XSS is a major security issue. I just don't think that it is a major security issue in my environment and I resent the fact that I can not use it. So I did some digging and it just so happens that I can disable the XSS Filter in IE8 by passing the proper HTTP response header to the web browser, from my Tomcat sever.


This code will stop IE8 from preventing the potentially malicious AJAX call and simply alert the browser user of its existence. However, if I try to use SSL then I am right back to where I started as IE8 just seems to ignore my response header in this situation. So, now my AJAX is muted.

I saw AJAX and AJAX-like technologies to be a major positivity to UX (user experience) design in modern web applications. However, unless I am satisfied to only make AJAX calls to my local server, I am doomed.

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